Building Black Belts from the Inside Out


Savior Martial Arts® provides students with a family friendly Martial Arts experience.


We are serious about excellence in martial arts, so we create an environment conducive to learning. We encourage; we point out the good. We teach with discipline, but never harshness. 

                Kids' Classes & AfterSchool Care

              Kids' Classes & AfterSchool Care

                         Teen & Adult Classes

                       Teen & Adult Classes

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2 Private Lessons + a Uniform   $34.95

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Strengthen your body. Sharpen your mind.

Develop your spirit.


Spring Break Camp, Summer Camps, Winter Camps. Find it all.


East Dojo

info@saviormartialarts.org | 757-685-5425
5351 Lila Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23464

West Dojo

weststaff@saviormartialarts.org | 757-753-6137
6540 Hampton Roads Parkway, Suffolk, VA 23435

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