Transported AfterSchool Martial Arts

Make after school the best part of your child's day


Watch the video above to hear our Headmaster, Scott Gilbert, break down the benefits of our AfterSchool care program  

Martial Arts:  Fitness, Goal-Setting, Self-Defense

Our AfterSchool program makes children’s martial arts convenient for working parents. Martial arts training is a great way for kids to learn valuable self-defense skills while having a blast and building character in a natural, upbeat way. 

Schools we serve in 2018

at our Virginia Beach location

  1. Fairfield 

  2. Providence

  3. Woodstock

  4. Centerville

  5. Greenbriar

  6. Christian

  7. St. Matthews

  8. Norfolk Highlands 

Transportation, Homework Help, Character Development

Our AfterSchool Martial Arts program is much more than simply a place to have fun until parents get off work. Savior Martial Arts has been teaching children, instilling them with strong character for over 20 years.

  • Competitively priced daycare alternative

  • Transportation from public & private schools

  • Positive, fun, faith-based environment in a large facility

  • Homework help

  • Martial arts classes

  • Full day care for school district Staff Days, Early Dismissal, Spring Break and some holidays

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putting on skates.JPG

An added bonus:  roller skating twice a week


We have plenty of skates and a gorgeous maple floor. Where else could you possibly find so many offerings to make those hours before you get off work so much fun for you child?


"Thank you to Savior Martial Arts for providing a safe, educational, and loving environment for my daughter. Knowing my daughter is safe and having fun has taken a load off my shoulders. In the AfterSchool program, the teachers give individual attention. My daughter’s grades were the best ever this progress report. She comes home every day with a smile on her face and sometimes is crying because I picked her up too early. THANK YOU SAVIOR MARTIAL ARTS FOR BEING A BLESSING!!!!!!!!!"
Kim J.



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