Lil' Dragons Faithful Warriors

4-6 yr olds | This early childhood program focuses on age-appropriate martial arts and safety skills. Students receive recognition and incentives to motivate and reward their progress. This program is designed to take about 18-24 months to complete. Students who graduate with the Lil’ Dragons Black Belt will be well prepared to enter the Savior Martial Arts® Karate program.

Classic Karate

1st grade & up | Our proprietary style of karate purposes to develop the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. We teach the physical skills and conditioning of traditional martial arts, supported by an emphasis on humble confidence, self-discipline, focus, and cooperation. As a fully Christian martial arts system, Savior Martial Arts® also employs Scripture memory and devotional mat chats to build the humble Black Belt attitude.

Kung Fu

Our Kung Fu curriculum is derived from an ancient Chinese martial art based on Shaolin 5 animal style which includes tiger, crane, leopard, snake and dragon. Students also train in traditional spear and sword (dao). 

Also, it's super cool.

ELITE Weapons

The ELITE curriculum provides an overview of traditional weapons. Students who enroll in the ELITE Weapons program gain coordination, refine fine and gross motor skills and strengthen neural pathways by learning to adeptly manipulate weapons in both hands. These developmental skills serve students of all ages with better performance at school or at work.

ELITE students take the coolness factor to the extreme. They are the ones who take that extra class, work harder, build a habit of success. And they do it all in a distinctive uniform. Students have the option to test at the end of each weapons section, culminating in Black Belt ranking




Transportation, Homework help, Character Development

Our AfterSchool Martial Arts program is much more than simply a place to have fun until parents gets off work. Savior Martial Arts has nearly 20 years teaching children and instilling them with strong character. 

  • Competitively priced daycare alternative
  • Transportation from public & private schools
  • Positive, fun, faith based environment in large facilities
  • Homework help
  • Martial Arts classes
  • All day care for school district Staff Days, Early Dismissal, Spring Break and some holidays

Martial Arts:  Fitness, Goal-setting, Self-defense

Our AfterSchool program makes children’s martial arts convenient for working parents. Martial arts training is a great way for kids to learn valuable self-defense skills while having a blast and building character in a natural, upbeat way. 



Summer & Spring Break

We have large, modern facilities and we use them to ROCK our camps. Don't worry that you have to work: your kids are having a blast at SMA. Check out our cutting edge, unique lineup of camps, filled with a broad range of the up to date themes. (They'll never suspect we are growing their character.)

Advanced Training

Black Belt Arts


Jr. Black Belts move forward in their training at Savior Martial Arts® by training to become martial arts athletes with HYPER Pro Training. This worldwide program is specifically designed to create the highest level martial arts athletes. These students become athletes prepared to succeed not just in martial arts, but in a life. Students train to increase their speed, flexibility, power and jump height, while learning then becoming proficient at incredible kicks, tricks and acrobatics. Classes address the mind and spirit to further develop the pro athlete mindset.