Karate has been a life-changing experience for me. What started out as something fun to do together with my son, has ended up being an instrument of transformation. The physical, mental and spiritual transformation that has occurred over the past three years has been nothing short of miraculous.

Janet W.

These are NOT the same boys that started at SMA last spring. The transformation is incredible. God definitely lead us to where we need to be to help these boys grow.

Mary P.

September 2003 I began my journey with Savior Martial Arts. I really had no idea or expectation that it would be one of the greatest joys and benefits of my life. I thought I was simply taking karate lessons with my daughters. Little did I realize that God was using SMA to equip me for my life’s mission.

Troy C.

Krav training has dramatically improved my running. I could do 2-3 miles before. Now, with the cardio and breath training, I can run 5-6 miles and not break a sweat.

Pam B. 

Thank you to Savior Martial Arts for providing a safe, educational, and loving environment for my daughter to go to in the summer and after school. Knowing my daughter is safe and having fun has taken a load off my shoulders. My daughter comes home every day with a smile on her face and sometimes is crying because I picked her up too early. In the AfterSchool program, the teachers give individual attention. my daughter’s grades were the best ever this progress report. THANK YOU SAVIOR MARTIAL ARTS FOR BEING A BLESSING!!!!!!!!!

Kim J.

I can’t tell you how gratified and blessed I am to see how J. has grown and matured during his study under your teaching. My daughter comes home clearly feeling empowered and confident. I absolutely love karate class and am committed to continue growing in the martial arts.

Mark L.

Through one kid attending, an ever widening pool of influence developed. To me that is the giant family transforming impact of SMA.

Karin S.