Honor and Respect

You’re treated with honor & respect, whether it’s your first day or hundred and first day. We teach and practice etiquette and courtesy which separates our students from their peers. You’re honored and respected because you are a child of God, not because of the excellent skills you’ll come to possess. Your accomplishments and hard work are not only yours–they are shared by your family, the staff, other students, and everyone who made your training at SMA possible. We’re Building Black Belts From the Inside Out!

Strength and Discipline

Every style at our school develops strength and requires discipline. Our instructors are gifted in the art of teaching with graceful firmness. But rest assured, the training at SMA will push you to higher and higher levels of achievement. Our training can give adults a new lease on life as their study of Christian martial arts produces new strength and renewed health. Savior Martial Arts® truly brings discipline and strength to the spirit, mind, and body. The “Before & After” testimonies are plentiful and inspiring at our dojo. We all strive for Black Belt excellence.

Confidence & Leadership

As your spirit, mind, and body are challenged, your confidence soars. We teach students to serve others with what they’ve learned. We love to see students grow from timid beginners to confident leaders. Entire families train together at Savior Martial Arts®, becoming leaders on many different levels in the dojo and in the community. When we teach martial arts rooted and grounded in the Christian perspective the results are truly amazing – students become Black Belts, from the inside out.